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January 14th, 2024
Lonnie Marshall, Grand District Deputy Presiding

Willie J. Campbell - Exalted Ruler

Gregory L. Pee - Financial Secretary

Daryl Campbell - Treasurer & Rental Property Management

Bryan Campbell - Esteemed Leading Knight & House Manager

Andre Watson - Esteemed Loyal Knight & Special Events/Future Ventures Coordinator

Peter DeLoach - Esteemed Lecturing Knight & Kitchen Manager

Dale Newman - Esquire, Assistant to the Exalted Ruler & Daughters Liaison

Raymond Spears - Inner Guard, House Committee & Community Liaison

Rolando Eccleston - Recording Secretary, Assistant to the Exalted Ruler, Trustee, Yr. 1

John Bellows, Sr. - Trustee, Yr. 1

Darren Knox - Trustee, Yr. 2

James Wesley - Trustee Chairman, Yr. 3

Calvin Cupitt - Trustee, Yr. 2

Nick Roumel - Legal Advisor

Ellis Parks - Chaplin

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